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Huge thank you to all MY followers!

I feel like it’s been ages since I posted. I think it’s in my head; I’ve been home all week sick with the weirdest flu and I’ve lost track of time…and reality! I can’t remember the last time I was sick enough to take a week off- I wonder what weakened me so much this time? Or was the flu bug was simply too strong?

As I’ve been here at home resting, I had some time obviously, to look around online. I didn’t have the will/energy to post mind you, but I did have my iPhone nearby in bed and surfed when the mood struck me. I spent some time looking through my Twitter followers and found a TON of gems in the list. I’ve personally spoken to alot of people who ‘don’t get’ Twitter but for those that do, and use it, you know how valuable a tool it can be in social networking and marketing! I wanted to share some of the followers in various categories, that stuck out to me. I hope you find them as cool as I do! I’ll do this in multiple posts because there are just far too many to mention in only one! *Remember without the power of Twitter, I would never have known¬† about some of these!*

First category up? Vegetarians and Vegans!

The Simply Bar is a company I wrote about earlier, and although I haven’t tried one YET, they certainly look and sound amazing.

The Vegetarian Resource Group is exactly what it sounds like.¬† A place to get information, seek truths, discover and challenge your ideals. I found the site packed with stuff but not in an overwhelming sort of way either! I just learned for instance, from the VRG that Subway is serving a vegan falafel sandwich in select BC and AB stores. I didn’t know this…

Now here’s something really cool: Veggie TV. I’m not kidding you! VeggieVision followed little ‘ol me and I was stunned that it existed. I’ve always been bothered there wasn’t a veggie channel, or a place that we could go for strictly veg-content.

I love Earth Balance. Great ‘butters’ and now Soy Milk (which I can’t seem to find in Canada still! Hoping it’s Carageenan free…)

A huge shout out to all my followers! Stay tuned every Friday for another “#FollowFriday ” post! Up next? Come back and see…

Goody Good Stuff is right! I love gummies! But alas, the thought of gelatin makes me quiver and not in a good way. Maybe you’ve seen these folks, maybe not- but check out the site. It’s so fun and colorful; makes me feel like a kid.


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